Seven dead Russians and counting.  Is the Kremlin mopping up evidence?

Seven dead Russians and counting. Is the Kremlin mopping up evidence?

Andrei Karlov, ambassador to Turkey

Vitaly Churkin, ambassador to the United Nations

Peter Polshikov, chief adviser in the Latin American department of the Foreign Ministry

Alexander Kadakin, ambassador to India

Andrei Malanin, head consul at the Russian Embassy in Greece

Sergei Krivov, consular duty commander

Oleg Erovinkin, former chief of the KGB

A pattern of deaths linked, no doubt, to something nefarious.  The Washington Post reports on the string of deaths that have occurred since President Trump has won the 2016 presidential election.  

So when Russian diplomats started keeling over, it was perhaps to be expected that one common response would be: What’s the plot of this film? Not that it took long to answer that question. The readily available plot was, of course, that Donald Trump had been elected president with the quiet support of Russian actors and, various theories went, someone at the Kremlin was now mopping up the evidence.  Read the story here.