Trump’s 30-year long history with Russia outlined in great detail. 

Trump’s 30-year long history with Russia outlined in great detail.

Mother Jones has detailed Trump’s long history and ties to Russia, and we are pleased to provide it here.  For a man who continuously claims to have no business in Russia, it boggles the mind for most sane and rational thinkers.  Trump and his campaign who is now embroiled in an FBI investigation into Russian interference of the 2016 election, one must ask just exactly what was our president’s involvement in the Russian hacking.  FBI director Comey acknowledged this week that his office has been investigating the Trump campaign and its associates since July 2016.  

Mother Jones has a timeline of Trump’s Russia history here which is updated with information as it becomes available.  

1986: Donald Trump is seated next to Russian Ambassador Yuri Dubinin at a lunch organized by Leonard Lauder, the son of cosmetics scion Este Lauder, who at the time is running her cosmetics business. “One thing led to another, and now I’m talking about building a large luxury hotel across the street from the Kremlin” in partnership with the Soviet government, Trump later writes in his 1987 book, The Art of the Deal. 


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