Opinion: Attorney General Jeff Sessions is worried. About Michael Flynn.

Opinion: Attorney General Jeff Sessions is worried. About Michael Flynn.

So, if the Pentagon investigation into Mike Flynn has nothing to do with the Russia investigation the FBI is doing, why is Sessions running from even the announcement like a puppy who hears the word “vet” mentioned? Is it because he doesn’t want to possibly be put in the position of being forced to prosecute another Trump acolyte if the Pentagon refers the case to the Justice Department? Sessions would come off almost as bad, if not worse if he quashed a prosecution than if he rolled Flynn over. Or is it possible that Flynn knows something about Sessions, or just as likely that Sessions knows something about Flynn? They were both in the Trump campaign at the time Flynn sold his soul to the Turks. If he has to refer Flynn for prosecution, does Flynn offer to cut a deal, either with the Justice Department, or the FBI, offering them Sessions in return for leniency? Or does he just go straight for the throat and go to the media to out Sessions?  Read more from the DailyKos here.

It seems many in Trump’s administration may likely be caught up in the Russia-gate affair, while other associates may also have knowledge of certain events that occurred.  No wonder loyalty is so important to “The DONALD!”  Once you’re in the family, you can never leave.  What are your thoughts? 


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