Lies are now being told and propaganda is seemingly already being spread by President Trump and his administration.  Trump says he’s not going to pivot and more tweets will be forthcoming. Campaign and media surrogates, longtime supporters, pending cabinet picks waiting approval, even party leaders and supportive congressmen are fabricating lies which bolster individual Trump and GOP viewpoints.  These fabrications along with Trump innuendo and outright falsehoods combined with ill-informed counselors and a staff with a penchant for lying will surely create chaos in Trump’s new administration. Nevertheless the goal is to fit a Trump agenda to “Make America Great, Again!”

2017 will be a dangerous period for our American democracy with a White House which continuously lies and plays footloose with the truth to the American public. The steps Trump took to seize the presidency seemingly knows no bounds.   There must be a check on truth and reality!

Always tell the truth, get involved and help protect democracy in America!