For Your Entertainment

For Your Entertainment!

Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox has another message for Donald Trump about his “Fucken Wall.” (06/17/17)

Vanity Fair chronicles the exact moments when Trump’s political enemies sold their souls. See it here now and enjoy some laughs. 

Sean Spicer’s press briefings are expected to become less frequent: In Memoriam by Mother Jones (06/19/17)

Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull mocks Donald Trump at private fundraiser. (06/14/17)

Senator Schumer mocks the president’s first full cabinet meeting. (06/13/17)

The 2017 White House Correspondents Dinner with Comedian Hasan Minhaj 

Impeach The Mother Fucker Already 

Transcript:  Donald Trump posed as a fictional spokesman for the Trump organization in the 80’s.

The New Yorker Book of Political Cartoons