Efforts to Stop President Donald Trump

    Efforts to Protect Freedom and Democracy and To Stop Donald Trump’s Agenda.


    Call your Congress every single day at  🇺🇸📞202-225-3121. Make it part of your daily routine.

    Call the Department of Justice’s public comment line at  🇺🇸📞202-353-1555. Demand that Jeff Sessions resign and that his successor appoint a special prosecutor to oversee the investigation.


    Stop TrumpCare now. Contact your congressperson here.

    Petition to recall Devin Nunes as chairman of the House Intelligence committee.

    Fight Back to Save ObamaCare / ACA

    “Mental Health Professionals Declare Trump Is Mentally Ill And Must Be Removed.”

    Tell Donald Trump, Homophobia is UnAmerican.

    Tell Donald, No Border Wall!

    Confiscate all social media accounts of President Donald Trump and prohibit further use.

    Resign, Sean Spicer! 

    Donald Trump, release your “secret evidence” proving 5m people voted illegally.

    Protect Your Voting Rights

    Bold Progressive Change 
    Tell Congress: Protect Health Care

    NARAL Pro-Choice America

    Stand Up Republic, To Preserve Freedom

    Immigrants Fight Back to Strip Funding From Sanctuary Cities

    Tell Donald Trump, Release Your Tax Returns

    New York Gothamist, Ways to Stand up Against Trump

    Tell Donald Trump: Release Your Tax Returns 

    Efforts to Impeach Donald Trump

    Impeach Donald Trump Now